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About Money Laundering

About Money Laundering

Money Laundering is critical to the progress of virtually every form of domestic, trans-national, organised and terrorist-related crime.

AML efforts are designed to limit or prevent criminals from using their illegally obtained funds, and terrorists from generating funds. These efforts are a critical and effective component of anti-crime and counter-terrorist programmes. There are also very valid social and economic reasons why you should help prevent money laundering.
The links below provide an overview about the nature and purpose of Money Laundering, how and in which business areas it operates, and why you and Safaricom should be vigilant and active in its prevention.

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Watch the Know Your Customer film
What is Money Laundering?
What it encompasses, how it occurs etc.
Why is Money Laundered?
The Concept of “Knowledge”
Websites Offering Guidance
Includes contact information for FATF and various other bodies